Sunday, 14 May 2017

Fairy Toadstool Nightlight

Alessia has been struggling recently to settle at bedtime, we have recently moved house and i think this has played a big part in her not settling into her new room as well as we had hoped.

We have tried numerous things,leaving the door open,different lamps and lights but nothing seems to do the trick,until now.

We came across an online shop called The Irish fairy door company that provide an array of magical fairy products for children and that is where we found the 3D Toadstool nightlight

I knew straight away Alessia would love it, we are very big fairy fans in this house, and Tinkerbell is her absolute favourite!. Whether the light would help her sleep was another question.

On arrival Alessia was eager to find it a place on her bedside table,battery operated it can be moved anywhere and also fixed to the wall with the attachments provided, placing her favourite Fairy doll Celia next to her new home, she thought it was brilliant!.

After the normal bedtime routine of teeth brushing and story time, we turned the nightlight on and ,with fingers and toes crossed, we said goodnight.

Now usually we have a few trips up and down the stairs, being thirsty, scared of a shadow, thinking of monsters, the list goes on. The nightlight has a sensor activated so after being on for 30 minutes it automatically turns itself off which saves the battery life, an added bonus!.

Before the nightlight had chance to turn itself off she was flat out, hand on heart i could not believe it. It has been a hit ever since, she will even turn it off on occasions saying 'she doesn't need it tonight'. We are so proud of her and are so happy she is finally settling into her new bedroom. 

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*We were kindly sent this product in exchange for an honest review*



  1. That's amazing it had that effect! You both must be really pleased with it. It's very cute too

  2. So glad you found something that worked. It's so hard when they are unsettled at night x

  3. This light is so cute! Glad it's working for her

  4. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to settle in a new home for a little one. I'm so glad you've found something that works. I love the little fairy doors they do, so magical!

  5. Oh I love this. We use a fairy door to get my daughter to sleep at night. The fairies bring her treats if she goes to bed like a big girl :) ox

  6. Aww this is absolutely adorable. As a lover of all things 'fairy' and magical, I would have this in my own room.

  7. Ahh that is one cute toad!


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