Monday, 22 May 2017



Already having two children, people assume i have got it all together this time round with baby number three on her way. surely she must be a pro at this! i can assure you that is so far away from the truth.

Whether you are planning for your first little munchkin or your fifth!, you will still get that panicky feeling, have i got enough bottles?, do i need more bibs? especially towards the end of your pregnancy.

With due day just around the corner for us, planning and preparing over the last few weeks have been essential for me, making lists for lists,yes it has got that bad at times so this complete feeding set from Tommee Tippee is the perfect kit to help tick more than one item off your list.

It comes with everything you could possibly need for bottle feeding your little one and more, the bottle warmer is brilliant and i have had one of these for both the girls when they were little.

The set includes 

1x Electric steam steriliser
1x Electric bottle warmer
2x Insulated bottle bags
4x 150ml Feeding bottles-with slow flow teats
4x 260ml Feeding bottles-with slow flow teats
1x Bottle and teat brush
2x Medium flow teats
6x Milk powder dispensers
1x Soother 0-6M
1x Teat tongs

We would highly recommend this starter set to anyone that is expecting a baby.

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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Fairy Toadstool Nightlight

Alessia has been struggling recently to settle at bedtime, we have recently moved house and i think this has played a big part in her not settling into her new room as well as we had hoped.

We have tried numerous things,leaving the door open,different lamps and lights but nothing seems to do the trick,until now.

We came across an online shop called The Irish fairy door company that provide an array of magical fairy products for children and that is where we found the 3D Toadstool nightlight

I knew straight away Alessia would love it, we are very big fairy fans in this house, and Tinkerbell is her absolute favourite!. Whether the light would help her sleep was another question.

On arrival Alessia was eager to find it a place on her bedside table,battery operated it can be moved anywhere and also fixed to the wall with the attachments provided, placing her favourite Fairy doll Celia next to her new home, she thought it was brilliant!.

After the normal bedtime routine of teeth brushing and story time, we turned the nightlight on and ,with fingers and toes crossed, we said goodnight.

Now usually we have a few trips up and down the stairs, being thirsty, scared of a shadow, thinking of monsters, the list goes on. The nightlight has a sensor activated so after being on for 30 minutes it automatically turns itself off which saves the battery life, an added bonus!.

Before the nightlight had chance to turn itself off she was flat out, hand on heart i could not believe it. It has been a hit ever since, she will even turn it off on occasions saying 'she doesn't need it tonight'. We are so proud of her and are so happy she is finally settling into her new bedroom. 

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*We were kindly sent this product in exchange for an honest review*


Wednesday, 10 May 2017


Being pregnant has its up and downs, more downs towards the end of the pregnancy in regards to serious back pain, SPD, sciatica , sleep deprivation....shall i go on? 

For me the lack of being able to get in a comfy position to rest my back has been unbearable at times and have found myself in floods of tears because of the pain and discomfort. When i was contacted by theraline to review their original maternity pillow i jumped at the chance, ill try anything to find some comfort!.

When i received the pillow my first reaction was that it was massive! i had never tried out any pregnancy pillows with my last two pregnancies so really didn't know what to expect.

I was pleasantly surprised ,it is made up of tiny little micro beads that allow the pillow to conform to the shape of your body throughout your pregnancy.It is very flexible without losing any of its supportive structure.

Some of the benefits to this pillow are
  • Relief for leg,belly and back
  • stable support for your body throughout the your pregnancy
  • takes the strain of neck and shoulders

I absolutely love relaxing with this pillow, it has really helped with taking the pressure off of my lower back and i can quite happily lay in bed for an hours nap in the afternoon with no aches whatsoever.

I cant however seem to sleep with it all night, whether that is the pillow or just me but as a relaxing aid it is perfect for me, and by the looks of it the girls too. Alessia in particular loves to use it whilst going on the laptop, kids eh!.

Have you tried the Theraline pregnancy pillow? or are thinking of getting one? Let me know what you think.

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*I was kindly gifted this product in exchange for an honest review*


Tuesday, 2 May 2017

We Finally Went! | Merrivale Model Village

The one place in Great Yarmouth that we have wanted to visit for years and never got round to going is the Model Village. Until now!
The model village is situated by the sea front and is impossible to miss, we call it the borrowers land and Alessia is adamant she has seen real life borrowers there now!.
There is so much to do and both the girls were fascinated by the different scenes that have been arranged, Farms, a circus , Ferris wheel, you name it, its probably there. 

The villages are also filled with beautiful flowers , ponds and fish which makes It even more beautiful.

Our favourite has got to be the Brownie girl guides camping scene, with us all being Brownies, me being one a very long time ago!, we loved this display.

The girls were also given a quiz sheet which entailed going round the village finding the answers to the riddles which we really enjoyed and it got the girls thinking and also learning new facts.

We had such a lovely day here and next time we wont leave it so long!
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*We were gifted complimentary tickets in exchange for an honest review*


Monday, 20 March 2017

It Has Arrived! | Hybrid Stroller

So my very own transformer stroller has finally arrived and i wanted to share with you my first impressions of it whilst we are still waiting for this little princess to pop out!

Taking it out of the box filled me with so much excitement, like a kid at Christmas, sad i know but look at it! it is gorgeous!

As you know i love the colour green so i went with the shade pistachio which is beautiful.

 I had no difficulty putting it together. The wheels literally click into place and the frame folds down with ease.The seat can also be positioned facing you which is a bonus.

I also got the carry cot attachment to go with this which is perfect for little newborns,it has its own mattress and feels super soft and cosy. This attachment fits into each side of the frames half circle slots and clicks into place.

The basket underneath this stroller is very large and can also be used to store the hybrid changing bag.

One of my favourite things about this stroller is both the seat and carrycot has a little compartment. For them quick trips to the local shops that don't require a changing bag that has everything in it plus the kitchen sink, this little beauty can be used for small change,keys and your mobile phone. 

I am so pleased with it and can not wait to give it a proper test drive once little madam is here and give you a full review!

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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Heavenly Tasty!

Back to school time and one thing i dread more than anything is the packed lunches!. Kadiann enjoys a hot school meal most days but Alessia is not keen on them and has a packed lunch 4 days out of the 5, she loves the chippy Friday lunch though!

Trying to keep snacks in Alessia's lunch box healthy as well as yummy has been an issue in the past. Making sure things are not repetitive, Alessia enjoying her lunch as well as it keeping her full is what i aim for.

Heavenly Tasty is an organic company that produces organic superfood snacks, cereals, fruit squishes, bread sticks, i could go on.They have such a wide variety of different yummy treats to suit both baby and child.

We got the privilege to try out some of their snacks and Alessia loved them!. They are available to purchase in most supermarkets, Ocado,tesco,Waitrose,Morrisons, to name a few, and also Boots which is very convenient if your out and about and need a quick snack stop.

Have you tried Heavenly Tasty? ,what did you think?, let us know if you was as happy with your snacks as this little munckin.

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Friday, 27 January 2017

First Trimester | Baby number 3

Yes i am actually writing about my first trimester, i am pregnant!. This all seems so bizarre to me and i cant quite believe it yet, although i should by now. If you would like to know more about us finding out and if we had planned this little munchkin then you can check out my  pregnancy diary video on my you tube channel :)

So, the first trimester for me has been a bit of a rocky road. We found out we were expecting around 4 weeks and it has pretty much been a bit of a roller coaster ride.


At 5 weeks i had cramping, i wasn't to sure if this was down to me still working my normal shifts, as a carer in the community, and perhaps over doing things so i left it for a few days to see how i got on. After a few days i noticed some bleeding and got booked in for an early scan at the early pregnancy unit. 

Unfortunately they were unable to see much due to me being so early on in the pregnancy and re booked me in for the following week.We went back a week later and everything was fine, with a great sigh of relief for myself as i had been a nervous wreck that week waiting.


Initially i had very sore breasts, even the bath water seemed to give me such excruciating pain, which is quite common for me and i had this in my previous pregnancies. This ,thankfully, has eased off and is somewhat bearable. Nausea pretty much throughout the first trimester was horrendous, the feeling of being constantly hungover left me feeling very poorly and i had been unable to eat much and did not have much of an appetite at all.

Dehydration also played a part towards the end of this trimester, and i also had quite a few headaches, whether these two were linked i am not sure but the headaches are now far and few between and  i managed to control the thirst.


I cant say i have had any cravings so far. I had such odd cravings with the girls and they lasted throughout the pregnancies but this time round i haven't had any of yet. The only thing that i would class as a bit of a craving is oranges and satsumas, i have been really enjoying these, whether they will become a craving,time will tell.


So we had our 12 week scan and i have got to say i was very nervous, being a sufferer of anxiety i cant seem to shift the worry of is everything alright, so we went in, we took both the girls, which was lovely, and we all saw little bean. The baby was doing excellent, wriggling about waving and having its only little party in there, which was amazing to see.

So the first trimester is over, seems like it has gone by in a flash!. Lets see what the second trimester brings :)

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